Threat Detection and Risk Management

Based in Lausanne, Switzerland since 1991, we help leaders from major international organizations make confident decisions.

Our culture and values are principally Swiss. Analytic rigor and understanding current issues characterize our work.

Our result-oriented strategy is based on information and anticipation.

Strategy of Change

Our security specialists will help you anticipate the key trends in virtually every industry and region around the world.

Our team provides boards of directors and management with complete reports helping them take the best décisions.

Risk Assessment

Information gathering always begins with a field-based approach by our experts.

We use a myriad of models and powerful analysis tools to precisely assess the nature and amplitude of the risk.

These contribute towards forming a clear and complete view of a situation.

Asset Protection

We develop tailor-made solutions adapted to every situation, taking into account the culture of your organization in order to protect your interests.